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You can see dolphins in the Sado Estuary, visit the Arrábida park, or opt for a boat trip at dusk with oyster tasting.   There are also concerts and shows, food and drink. Local tourist attractions, monuments, nature and parks. So that you can make the most of it, and so that you don't miss anything, you need to plan ahead and take into account some important details, such as extra activities. Choose calmly, and when booking your vacation, also ask for the value of the extras. We'll deal with everything in advance, it's the best way to ensure that nothing is forgotten. In addition, it allows you to find the best options at the best prices to enjoy this unique moment. Tell us what you want, we'll take care of everything.

In the land

  • Discover the Arrábida Natural Park - ICNF


  • Beaches

  • hiking

  • MTB - bicycle rental

  • 4x4 tours

  • Day and night routes.

  • speleology

  • abseiling

  • Climbing

  • Arrábida: a protected area

  • Golf


  • Golf del Montado

  • Golf Quinta do Peru

  • Tróia Golf

  • Nature Tourism


  • dolphin watching

  • Bird watching.

  • Horse rides


  • Tile painting course following 18th century techniques, taught at Moinho do Marco.


  • Discover the region's history


  • Organized visits to Setúbal, Palmela, Sintra, Lisbon, Cascais...

  • Audio guides in multiple languages

  • Tuc Tuc Tours

  • Observation of dinosaur footprints in Sesimbra and Cabo Espichel.

  • Visit Moinho do Outeiro, a flour mill that is still in operation: a relic of the past.

  • Roman road.

At sea

  • Sun and beach

  • kayak - canoes

  • Candle

  • kitesurfing

  • sup

  • windsurfing

  • dolphin watching

  • Wine Sunset Party (June, July, August and September)

  • Deep sea sport fishing

  • water taxi

On the table

  • wine tourism


  • Denomination of Origin "Setúbal Peninsula".

  • Visits to wineries

  • wine tasting

  • Harmonization

  • Gastronomy


  • Setúbal and grilled fish

  • Oysters from the Sado River

  • fried Choco

  • cheeses

  • snails

  • Stews.

  • Cataplanas

  • desserts

  • Each city, its bread.

Balcão da Churrasqueira
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