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Traveling with babies / toddlers?

Forget about going on holidays moving with all your  baby staff, pack light cases when coming to Moinho do Marco! 


We have for you our "Baby kit":

  • Baby cot (from 0 - 9 months) with bed linen.

  • Baby bed (160 cm x 70 cm) with bed linen.

  • STOKKE feeding chair including 0-9 months STOKKE Baby Set

  • Park,

  • Baby listeners,

  • Diaper changing table with baby bath (from 0 - 9 months)

  • Baby bathtub (from 9 months to 3 years),

  • Toys, etc.

  • Baby potty /WC learning adaptor for toddlers


If you need any other thing, let us know, we will try to find it for you!.


The stay of a baby under 2 years of age with its parents, it's free!


All these for 30,00 € payed just once!

Baby Kit